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Rogelio Gil

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Gil at the time of his election in 2000.

Rogelio Gil (born 1943, Holywood, DC) was the 29th president of the Ardisphere, serving two full five-year terms from 2000 until 2010. As a member of the Partido Federal during a period of increasing dominance by the Partido Socialista, he was considered a bland and technocratic but competent president, who served as a counterweight to the pyrotecnics in a mostly opposition-controlled congress.

His greatest accomplishment according to most analysts was his successful navigation of the various global financial crises of his term, and in fact most agree that the Ardispherian economy survived with minimal pain. He left office with higher popularity than his party, and he worked well with the incoming government during transition to his opposition successor, Socialist Montserrat Nowak de Chang. In fact, he was so well-liked by the new president that she offered him a cabinet post, which he politely declined.

Since retirement he has been a remarkably low-profile ex-president, mostly spending time at his estate near suburban Colofón.

Early Life and Background

Political Beginnings

Departmental Assembly


2000 Elections

Presidency - First Term

2005 Elections

Presidency - Second Term


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