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Presidents of the Ardisphere

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This is a list of the presidents of the Ardisphere, from independence (1814) until the present day.


  • Order: The ordinal number of the president
  • Years: Years served in the presidency
  • Name: President's commonly used name (some Ardispherian last names are two names, others are only one name, per personal preference
  • Party: Party affiliation
  • Prime Minister: Prime Minister(s) who served under the president
  • Notes: Observations or notable occurances
Order Years Name Party Prime Minister Notes
1 1815-1825 José Errázuriz Partido Demócrata TBD Founder of the federation
2 1825-1830 FA:Geofredo Davies Partido Demócrata TBD
3 1830-1838 FA:Efraín García Partido Liberal FA:Isabel Richard Died in office, established precedent of prime minister succeeding to the presidency in event of vacancy
4 1838-1850 FA:Isabel Richard Partido Liberal TBD
5 1850-1855 FA:Aquiles Huidobro Partido Demócrata TBD Provoked civil war with auto-coup
6 1855-1865 FA:Ángel Keum Partido Federal FA:Daniel Menores "Savior" of the federation during the civil war
7 1865-1870 FA:Daniel Menores Partido Federal TBD
8 1870-1875 FA:Óscar Robertson Partido Liberal TBD
9 1875-1880 FA:Carlos Chang Partido Federal TBD Embedded secularism in the constitution
10 1880-1890 FA:Ricardo Aviles Partido Federal TBD
11 1890-1891 FA:Guillermo Saa García Partido Popular FA:Ramón Calles Assassinated
12 1891-1900 FA:Ramón Calles Partido Popular TBD
13 1900-1910 FA:Yuna Namgung Partido Liberal TBD Ran on "Equality Platform" that created the "right to autonomy" which resulted in linguistic and cultural freedoms
14 1910-1915 FA:Selenio Quiroga Partido Federal TBD
15 1915-1925 FA:Lauro Owens Partido Liberal TBD
16 1925-1930 FA:Silvia Ugarte Partido Federal TBD
17 1930-1940 FA:Eva Shinoda Partido Socialista TBD After a failed military intervention, passed the "pacificist" amendment, which stipulates that Ardispherian armed forces may not leave the countries borders for any reason
18 1940-1944 FA:Andrés vonder Brücke Partido Socialista FA:Liliana Hong Crafted the modern Ardispherian "welfare state"; assassinated
19 1944-1945 FA:Liliana Hong Partido Socialista TBD
20 1945-1950 FA:Lautaro Lombardo-Lorentz Partido Federal TBD
21 1950-1953 FA:Carlota Juárez y Cabal Partido Federal FA:Juan Card Díaz Died in office
22 1953-1960 FA:Juan Card Díaz Partido Federal TBD
23 1960-1965 FA:Abel Ja Castro Partido Socialista TBD
24 1965-1970 FA:Marguerita Santos Partido Federal TBD
25 1970-1980 FA:Luciano Vidriera Partido Socialista FA:Augusto Torres Navarro
26 1980-1985 FA:Augusto Torres Navarro Partido Socialista TBD
27 1985-1995 FA:Dante Benengeli Partido Federal FA:Soledad Ionescu
28 1995-2000 FA:Zulema Costa Talante Partido Socialista TBD
29 2000-2010 FA:Rogelio Gil Partido Federal TBD
30 2010- FA:Montserrat Nowak de Chang Partido Socialista FA:Eusebio Pérez