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My projects - Current Focus

Luciano Flag FA.png Ardisphere

I chose Villa Constitución as my first city for OGF because it was less fully realized than most of my current imaginary cities, and I thought that with its rigid, Chicago-style "grid" layout it would scale out quickly and easily as I learned how to use the OSM tools for mapping. The city of "Villa" has evolved in to my personal geographic tribute to all the large cities I have called home - you can see representative parts of each of them in its geography: Mexico City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Los Angeles, Gwangju, Seoul.

I am actively mapping in the northwest region of the country. There are number of elements in other regions that I intend to fully redesign, including the capital city.


I invented this little city-state to function as a sort of cultural "bridge" between Ardisphere, Mahhal, and the rest of the OGF world - everything can overlap there. If I had to give a "concept summary" for Tárrases in one sentence, I would say, "mix Gibraltar and Macao, and put it in a Bergen, Norway, climate." It is progressing nicely, and currently, it is my best mapping in OGF, in my own opinion.

It is currently my most "complete" work, in my own estimation.

OGF:Admin team

I am a sporadically active member of the volunteer admin team on OGF, although I am probably too philosophical and verbose to be truly effective in that role.

My projects - "On hold"


Mahhal was a fully-realized planetary-scale culture and geofiction that I created originally at age 13 or 14. I had made a number of paper maps (really it was an entire city atlas) which I vividly remember, but those paper maps were lost. Although many things have had to be changed, I wanted to try to reconceptualize Mahhal as an archipelago for OGF.

My work in Mahhal is currently on hold, pending major redesign of the country.


Currently, Gohanguk is a country without a map. I may try to map it in the future. I am intrigued by the idea of developing the "wiki presence" of a country before mapping it - it might make it the mapping project easier, since the wiki framework would form a "plan."

Kshang Native Lands, Template:Rhododactylia

I have taken an active interest in Rhododactylia, including mapping the area called Salapanta in the north of the country (map), and creating a "native lands" area and culture in the central region (map). I intend to return to this in the future, as I have many more ideas I'd like to implement. I think of all the "Blue Countries," Rhododactylia is the one for which I have developed the most interest and attachment.

My projects - Past Work

Irhoborin Refugee Settlement, Template:Commonia

For one of my "challenges" I made this refugee settlement, based on the idea of the civil war in Commonia. Frankly, Commonia frustrates me a great deal, and I may try to work to collaborate with someone, eventually, to preserve this work in a more coherent and better administered location.

Gobras City, Template:Gobrassanya

I made some effort to collaborate on Gobras City in this "open-to-edit country". I built a very detailed neighborhood (with accompanying wiki article) called Ward 14 (map).

Main Page

During January, 2015, I hacked together a new Main Page and in February, 2015, it went live. I successfully persuaded other members of the community to take on the monthly updating of the page with new features, so it is a completely successful transition to "production status."

Mappers' Monthly Challenges

For a year, I made monthly "challenges" which give other mappers and myself something to focus on. I have been hoping to see other users take up the mantle and continue this concept, moving forward, but I have stopped because it felt like too much of a time commitment during periods when I wasn't able to work on OGF regularly.

"Archanta Coastal Commissioner"

I became involved in coastline maintenance, both "behind-the-scenes" but trying to provide some useful documentation and standardizing the "coastline relations" in the map. This is important as the number of active users in the community increases.

OGF Blog


About Me

I am Luciano. I started on OGF using the username Ardisphere. "Luciano Jones" is a pseudonym that predates my participation in OGF, but it is also the name of my "inside OGF avatar" - there is a certain Luciano Jones who lives in the Ardisphere (with a nice vacation condo in Tárrases as well), who enjoys geofiction. He's created an imaginary place called "Earth." I am not intentionally hiding my real-world identity, but I do prefer to keep the OGF thing a bit separate.

I am Welsh by ancestry, Californian by birth, Latin American by acculturation having lived in Mexico and Chile, and currently a long-term resident of South Korea. Further, I have a strong "Australian connection," because my step-father was Australian, and my mother is a naturalized Australian citizen, and though I have never lived there I have visited there quite often.

I live in the suburbs of Seoul, South Korea. I am a teacher (elementary and middle school). Four years ago, I fought a difficult battle with stage-3 cancer which I only won by virtue of high-tech experimental surgery and my amazing doctors and the Korean Healthcare system. That adventure, however, granted me a lot of free time lying around in hospital beds and at home, so I resumed my youthful habit of inventing imaginary cities and countries.

I enjoy inventing cities and countries, and have been doing so since childhood. Most of my geofiction projects have entire, planet-scaled worlds backing them up, so I do not want to "uproot" them by placing them in OGF. The work I do in OGF is based largely on geofiction concepts adapted from my less well-developed pre-OGF ideas.

Summer: A view from the lake park looking northeast toward my neighborhood in Goyang City, South Korea.
Winter: A view from the hill looking southwest toward my neighborhood in Goyang City, South Korea. If the resolution were better, you could see my apartment window.
A self-portrait I made while in the cancer hospital. I look exactly like this, but different.
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