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The admin team is responsible for:

  • monitoring the admin inbox and replying to messages there, mostly new user requests for territory but also other requests as well
  • monitoring User Diaries and the wiki forums to remove any unsuitable content
  • enforcing site rules and banning repeat offenders
  • contacting inactive users and releasing their territories when appropriate
  • any other matters that may arise
Position Volunteer Notes
Admin: Technical issues and server maintenance Thilo
Admin: Manage OGF email account
  • responds to queries from banned users (if necessary) and legal threats
  • responds to queries from journalists and curious general public
  • responds to the frequent question "how can I make my own OGF?"
Admin: "Gatekeeper"
  • sets policies and standards for admin team procedures
  • invites new users to the admin team
  • consults with other admins and/or community before making changes to top-level OGF documentation (e.g. OGF:About), as appropriate
All admins
Admin: "Enforcer"
  • looks for patterns in vandalism that might require banning
  • tracks user and edit IPs and potential sockpuppets
  • consults with other admins regarding need to ban specific users but acts proactively as necessary
(needs to be reassigned)
Admin: "Moderator"
  • monitors User Diaries and wiki forums and talk pages
  • participates as necessary to try to keep the community on track and prevent trolling
  • keeps that one guy, Luciano, in line
All admins
Admin: Manage and grant territories, purge inactive users - Antarephia Thilo
Admin: Manage and grant territories, purge inactive users - North Archanta Wangi
Admin: Manage and grant territories, purge inactive users - South Archanta Luciano
Admin: Manage and grant territories, purge inactive users - Tarephia BMSOUZA
Admin: Manage and grant territories, purge inactive users - East Uletha Sarepava
Admin: Manage and grant territories, purge inactive users - West Uletha Stjur
Admin: Responding to non-territory-related queries by new users All admins
Admin: Volunteer coordinator
  • approves/rejects user requests to join all user teams as listed on OGF:Teams and projects
  • consults with other admins before assigning users to Blue Territories Team, Community-Owned Collaboratives Team, Second Territory Evaluation Team, or Social Media Team
  • checks in on the volunteers of those teams once a month to make sure they are active
  • recruits replacement volunteers for those teams when vacancies arise
(needs to be reassigned)
Admin: Project coordinator
  • adds new projects to the "Projects" section, when appropriate
  • approves/rejects user requests to undertake projects, adding their names in the appropriate box
  • consults with the rest of the admins before assigning any RFP projects
  • checks in on projects to make sure they are executed satisfactorily and in a timely manner
  • makes sure projects are removed from the lists when complete
Admin: Currently unassigned None
Admin: General rule enforcement and any other matters All admins
Admin on leave Isleño
Admin emeritus Histor
Positions for this team are filled by invitation only. Show your interest by being a productive and engaged member of the community.