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Ricardo Aviles

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Aviles in his official portrait, painted 1884.

Ricardo Aviles (born 1820, Lagartópolis, DP, died 1901, Villa Constitución, DF) was the 10th president of the Ardisphere, serving two full 5-year terms from 1880 until 1890. A member of the Partido Federal, he is popularly considered the worst president in Ardispherian history, because of the extreme economic difficulties of the era - the so-called Silver Crisis of 85 - combined with a kleptocratic and divisive congress that was ineffective and reviled by the common people. Nevertheless, in large part historians will assert that Aviles' reputation is unearned, because he was not directly involved in most of the corruption of the era, and, saddled with a fractious, opposition congress, it was guaranteed that he would prove an ineffective administrator as well.

In any event, he was the last member of the Federales to serve the top post for 20 years, as first the short-lived Partido Popular took the stage and subsequently a redefined and resurgent Partido Liberal. Aviles himself only lived a few years after his retirement, and died at 73 years of age a deeply unpopular and disappointed man.

Early Life and Background

Political Beginnings

Departmental Legislature


1880 Elections

Presidency - First Term

1885 Elections and "Silver Crisis"

Presidency - Second Term


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