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This article (and all articles on Mahhal-related topics), in deference to Mahhalian tradition and out of respect for Mahhalian sensibilities, makes no mention of the specific gender of individuals. As a minimally intrusive alternative, where personal pronouns are necessary "singular they" is used. See also Mahhalian views on gender.

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Derakassy is the Mahhalian name for the collective religious traditions of the Mahhalian archipelago. In meaning, the term is roughly transatable as "equanimity in the face of great adversity," hence the practice in some quarters of calling the religion "equanimism," but this term focuses too much on the religious practice and ethics, and fails to capture the complexities of the cosmology and metaphysics. The most widely accepted terms in English, now, are simply to leave the name untranslated, "Derakassy," and to call the practioners Derakassists.

99% of Mahhalians are Derakassists, although it is uncertain, because of the theocratic nature of the their government, what proportion are merely "cultural" Derakassists who are not, in fact, believers - some estimates run as high as 50% of the population being closet agnostics. There are also Derakassist populations in many other countries, mostly within Mahhalian diasporic communities but recently there have been movements - both within the Mahhalian religious institutions and among Derakassy practitioners in other countries - for a more "evangelical" approach for the religion. Consequently, there are increasing numbers of Derakassy communities in some countries where substantial membership is derived from recent converts.